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Archery Tag

The hottest game sweeping the globe, be part of the fun!

Archery Tag is the best new activity that we have added to our line up in years. It will be the most fun you will ever have with a bow and arrow. The game is played like dodge ball with two teams consisting of five players each. Teams play opposite of one another separated by a safe zone. Each team also has what we call a knockout target.

There are two objectives. The first objective is to tag the opponents and the second objective is to knock out the five spots in the opposing teams knockout target. You eliminate players by tagging them with an arrow or by catching their arrow. We provide the bows, foam arrows, masks and bunkers, plus a referee.

Archery Tag can be played outdoors or indoors, we just need a 40’x 60’ area. Click here to learn more today!

Do you Hunger for the Game?

Archery Tag

Archery Tag - It's a Hit!


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