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High Tech Inflatables - Photo Booth Rental & More!

Check out our photo and video fun for everyone. Here at Xtreme Fun we know how important it can be to capture special moments! We have a variety of ways to get those special moments captured.

Xtreme fun has a photo booth that you can rent, along with props to make those pictures a little more exciting. Want to travel to the destination of your choice? With Far-Out photos you can make that possible! You can go to a tropical island with your lei or to your favorite baseball game with a baseball bat!

Would you like to travel back in time to the old days when everything seemed so simple for just a few minutes? Well, take advantage of those minutes and rent Vintage Photos! You will get to dress up, take a photo, and then take the olden days home with you!

Our other high tech attractions include WANTED! - Put yourself on a wanted poster and see who believes that you are really a wanted criminal! Everyone loves cartoons so make yourself a cartoon and capture the moment with Cartoon Comics or you could be the rock star you have always wanted to be and rent our U-Rock Videos!

Want the drive-in to come to you? Rent our inflatable movie screen to watch your favorite movies in the comfort of your own home with the size of the movie theater!

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Far-Out Photos

Your guests will take home photos of themselves that they have created based on their wildest imagination, from realistic vacation shots at Mt. Rushmore to the surface of the moon.

Each participant will choose from a variety of costumes and step on to the green screen stage. They can be done individually or in a group. Your guests will enjoy watching the computer graphic technology that transforms them on to a photo background depicting their final destination.
Each of your guests will receive a 4X6 photo of their picture as a gift from you.
Far-Out Surfing Photo
Far-Out Damsel's in Distress Photo
Far-Out Cruise Photo
Far-Out Hawaii Photo

U-Rock Videos: Make Your Own Music Video

As much fun to watch as they are to make! U-Rock Videos are the "must-have" entertainment for your next party or event. Your guest will star in and create their own personal music video!

Each participant will choose from a large selection of songs, costumes, props and backgrounds, and then either alone, or with friends, they step onto the green-screen performance stage where they become rock-stars as they lip-sync and perform their favorite song.

Chroma-kep technology backgrounds and special effects. Entertain the entire group as they watch the finished video on our large TV monitors.

U-Rock Video

Vintage Vision/Old Time Photos

Fun green screen photo entertainment!

Your guests will take a step back in time. Participants are provided costumes and props from days gone by. They can be done individually or in a group. They will pose in front of the green screen and then their photos will be dropped into the unique background of their choice that digitally takes them back in time. Your guests can enjoy watching the computer graphics being done. Perfect for themed events!

Old Time Photo

Photo Booth

Add a photo Booth to your next event and capture the fun!
Photo Booth
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